What is needed to properly set up Holiday leave types which will apply to staff:

  • Appropriate tags for different staff.

  • 2 sets of leave types for the staff who accrue it and those who have a starting balance.

  • Staff with tags.

Award Tags

To create tags, navigate to Compliance > Classification tags (x) Manage:

Write the name of the tag in the box space and click on the green + button to create it:

To apply tags on your staff, check out this guide.

Leave types

Navigate to the same place as before, Compliance > Time off types (x) Manage, and click on + New leave type in the top right corner:

*If you already have a Holiday Leave, you can simply edit it.

*It's best to differentiate the leave types with names, having the two leave types for salaried staff called exactly the same, e.g. Holiday Leave, and having the 2 leave types for staff who accrue leave called the same as well, e.g. Annual Leave.

They can all be named exactly the same, which is useful when you export in .CVS, as you will only have one column in the export sheet.

We want to have this kind of setup, 2 for each staff group (hourly & salaried):

Staff who accrue leave:

This is a setup for staff who accrue leave. We need 2 leave types, one which will apply on Bank Holidays, and one which will apply on Everyday.

*Even if your staff don't take any leave on Bank Holidays, our system needs 2 leave types for mechanical purposes, and so it can calculate properly.

Staff with a starting balance. Same as the prior, we need two sets of these leave types, so our system can make correct calculations:

Balance Configuration

To find your accrual rate per hour, divide your annual leave entitlement in weeks into an hourly equivalent. For example, for an employee who works 38 hours per week and gets 4 weeks of annual leave per year:

  • 4 x 38 hours = 152 hours of leave per year

  • 152 / 52 weeks per year = 2.931 hours per week

  • 2.931 / 38 = 0.07692 hours accrued per hour worked. This is the number you would add to the accrual rate field in Tanda.

Salaried staff have a starting balance, which is usually calculated by 5.6 weeks or 28 days or 224 hours. Our system works based on the hours you will enter.

  • Average hours per week (x) 5.6 weeks = hours of Leave Entitlement

Additional Information

In order for our system to accurately calculate leave balances, there needs to be a set-up for your Leave Year Start date.

To set that up, go to Settings > All Settings > All Time Off Settings.

*To add or import starting balances for your salaried staff, check out this guide.

Once you've set your leave year start date, created the leave types, tagged your staff and imported their starting balances, you can view all of it under Reports > Leave Balance Report:

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