A salary or a payrate increase is one way of showing your appreciation to your staff for their hard work and accomplishments. This article would guide the users on how to update the staff's payrate in the Workforce platform.

Note: Before updating and or changing the staff's rate, make sure to lock the historical timesheet data to ensure that the payrate changes would not reflect on the previous timesheets. Also, we strongly recommend making the payrate change at the start of the pay period.

Ways to update the staff's payrate:

Option 1: Manual update via the staff profile. Simply navigate to the Workforce tab - Staff - select the staff you would like to update the payrate - Payroll tab - enter either the Hourly or the Annual Salary in the field provided - click the Update Employee Details button (lower left)

Option 2: Bulk Update via the CSV file:

  • Step 1: Export the staff details via CSV. To do this, navigate to the Workforce - Staff - Tools (upper right) - Export - Export via CSV

  • Step 2: Update the payrate in the CSV file. Open the CSV file - update either the "SALARY RATE" or the "HOURLY RATE" field (which means you cannot update both the salaried and hourly rate at the same time) - Save and download the updated file as a CSV.

    Note: if you need to bulk update the payrate for both the salaried and the hourly staff, export and update the staff details on a separate file. You could easily filter the staff details based on the award tag before doing the export.

  • Step 3: Begin importing bulk staff payrate via CSV. To start the process, navigate to the Workforce - Staff - Add Staff (green button on the upper right corner) - Excel (CSV)

  • Step 4: Locate/ select, and upload the CSV file with the updated payrate. You can either drag the file directly into the box or click inside the box to start the CSV upload.

  • Step 5: Select your configuration. On the drop-down, make sure that you have selected the New Configuration and enable the First row is a header row.

    Note: In this example, I am updating the Salaried staff's Annual rate. Only the Name and the SALARY RATE should be mapped into the Imported into.. column. The rest of the details should be mapped as Don't Import.

  • Step 6: Import data. Make sure you name the data accordingly and click the Import button.

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