We like to say that Award Tags connect people and rules, so for that reason, it's important that appropriate tags are assigned to the right staff members and various rules in your Workforce. Learn how to create tags, easily add them to your staff and start benefiting from this feature.

Award Tags can be found via Time Off > Leave Types > Classification Tags.

Name your tag, and start writing in the Create a new award tag space, and click on the green + sign to create it:

Award, or classification, tags can help you differentiate staff members and have different rules apply to them, based on their tags. These can be:

  • Salaried

  • Hourly

  • Overtime Pay

  • Higher rate (someone who has a different rate when working in another department)

  • Anything else your Workforce may require

You've created tags, now you'd need to apply them to your staff. If you have just a few employees, then it's easy to go into Employee profile and add the tag under the Payroll tab.

However, if you have more staff than you can count on both of your hands, it's much easier to do it in bulk! To add tags in bulk, go to Workforce > Staff > Tools > Bulk categorise staff.

On the Bulk categorise staff page, follow the steps as you go:

Step 1 - Select the staff you want to categorise. You can select all, or deselect all and select just the ones you need.

Step 2 - Select your tagging method. This is where you can choose to Add Teams / Tags, or even Remove Teams / Tags. It's neat because if you have a big onboarding, or big changes are happening in your team, you can swiftly remove any unnecessary teams/tags and then add new ones.

Step 3 - Select fields to add. This means you can add staff in bulk to a whole team/location, make more than one person as a manager, add tags to bulk of people or add staff to a new/next Pay Group (last will place all clock ins from that point forward into a new timesheet that relates to the employees new pay group.).

Lastly, once your setup is done, click on the green Submit button at the bottom and the changes will apply.

Connect tagged staff with Rules!

Let's say you have salaried staff, and they need a starting leave balance. They have their ''Salaried'' tags on them, but how will the Holiday Leave type connect to them?

Easy, go to Time Off > Leave Types > Choose a Leave Type and go in to Edit. Select the tag or multiple tags, and the leave type will apply to all staff who have that tag:

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