With some state governments and employers requiring front-line staff to get vaccinated, it's important to be able to easily track which employees have and which are yet to get the jab.

Creating the vaccination qualification

Navigate to Workforce > Qualifications and click '+ New Qualification'

To be able to use the vaccination dashboard, ensure the name of your qualification is 'COVID-19 Vaccination'. You can also choose whether this qualification is required for a roster to be published to an employee.

Tracking the vaccine against an employee profile

You will now be able to navigate to an employee's profile and update their vaccination status. A certificate can be included as an attachment against the qualification.

Tips for reporting

- Select 'Undergoing Training' to track the employee's first dose
- Select 'Current' to track the employee's second dose

Reporting on vaccination uptake in your workforce

To report on vaccination uptake, embed the COVID Vaccination Dashboard via Platform > Templates > Reports.

This dashboard will only report on qualifications with the name 'COVID-19 Vaccination'.

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