As a Tanda account administrator, you can configure new fields to store custom information, as well as a place to store documents. To read about other ways you can use The Platform, click here.

Setting up new custom fields

Navigate to the 'Platform' tab on the top navigation in Tanda. Next, head to 'Customise Native Objects' and select the object you want to create custom fields for. In this example, we'll choose 'Employee.'

You can create new fields to store custom information under Step 2. You will be able to name the field, set the field 'type' as well as set permissions on who can view and edit the field.

Currently the field type can be - Currency, Date, Long Text, Number, Text or Yes/No.

Creating a document storage field type

To create a place to upload a file, complete the fields under 'Link existing objects as fields.'

Select 'File' from the Object dropdown, and ensure you click 'Add' after filling out the fields.

Completing custom fields on the employee profile

You will now be able to access your custom fields under each employees profile, via the 'Additional' tab.

Have staff complete custom fields during onboarding

To have staff complete these custom fields & upload files during onboarding, click here.

To learn more about how you can use custom fields, click here.

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