You can check out this information guide for any specific instructions for using Gusto in Workforce, including setting up the integration, importing staff and exporting Timesheets.


Add Gusto to your Workforce account by going to Settings > Integrations > Payroll Integrations:

In the top right corner, click on + New Payroll Integration:

Find the Gusto logo and click on it:

A pop-up will then display:

If you are new to Gusto, you can click on "Create a New Gusto Account" to automatically create a Gusto account using your Workforce details. If you create a new account with Gusto, you will need to follow their instructions to complete the account creation process, then return to Workforce to integrate with your new account.

If you already have a Gusto account, click on "Connect to an Existing Gusto Account". The popup will redirect to Gusto's authorization screen, after that you will need to select which company in Gusto you would like to sync with. After that, you will return to the Integration Setup screen in Workforce and you'll see a box with Gusto and the Gusto Organization name. You can click on this box to go into the Integration setup where you can configure who the integration applies to. If you make any changes just click Save at the bottom.

Importing Staff

In Workforce

When you first start using Workforce, you can do a bulk import of your staff from Gusto. To do this, go to Workforce > Staff:

On the right, click on + Add Staff:

In the pop-up window, at the bottom select Import from > Gusto:

You will see a bar loading to show your staff are being imported, depending on the amount of staff you have this can take a few minutes, so just stay in the screen.

Once the import has finished, you'll see a list of your staff that have been imported into Workforce:

If there are any staff in the list that shouldn't have been imported to Workforce, just click Don't Import next to their name and they won't be brought through, otherwise if it's all correct just click Complete Staff Import at the bottom:

If one or more staff didn't import, check their details in Gusto to ensure you have added them, they have a current start date and don't have a finish date.

Your staff list will now show under Workforce > Staff.

Going forward, when you have a new employee you have the following options:

  • Add the employee to Gusto. Workforce will automatically import this employee within the hour.
  • Add the employee to Gusto and you can force this update to happen immediately by going to Workforce > Staff > Add Staff > Import from Gusto. Only new staff will be imported and existing staff updated.
  • Use Employee Onboarding: this sends the new employee an App to fill in their details and a profile will then automatically be added to Workforce and you can use the information to create their profile in Gusto.

Once you're finished adding staff, you might want to look at Adding Locations & Teams, Welcome Staff or Build your first Schedule.

Configuring Workforce with Gusto

In order for timesheets to properly export to Gusto, your Workforce account will need to have the following two items properly configured:

  1. Pay periods in Workforce will need to match the pay periods in Gusto.
  2. Gusto earnings rules will need to be assigned in Workforce under Workforce > Compliance.

Setting up pay periods

If your Workforce organisation's pay period are not currently aligned with your Gusto account, you can create a new pay group under Workforce > Settings > Pay Groups

Your Pay Period start and end date MUST match Gusto's exactly, or your timesheets will not export!

Setting up earnings rules

Configure your awards under Workforce > Compliance section to match the Gusto compensations to which you would like to allocate these hours.

Fixed compensations can be exported to Gusto by assigning a new Allowance type to the appropriate Gusto fixed compensation category.

Time off is exported to Gusto by creating a time off type that is linked to the appropriate Gusto time off allocation.

Exporting from Workforce

Go to Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly:

All your Timesheets should be green to show they're approved:

If there are any that are showing white, just click on the employee's name to go into their Timesheet to check for any shifts you haven't approved.

When you're ready, just click the green Export to Payroll button in the top right corner to go through to the Export Preview:

In the next screen, once you've checked all your Timesheets are correct, just click the green Export to Payroll Software button:

Your Timesheet information will then go over to Gusto. Depending on how many, this can take a minute or so. Once it's completed you'll be taken to the Results Confirmation.

If you didn't have any errors, you can go to Gusto and go to Run Payroll and process as normal.

If you did receive any errors in Workforce, check for the tips to see if you can solve it and then try re-exporting.

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