Welcome to Tanda. These steps are a quick start guide for configuring a new Tanda account for your business.

☝ Tip: for employees there is a quick start guide to using Tanda here

Step 1: Add/Import Staff

The first thing to do in Tanda is add or import your staff. This can be done using a few methods. click the link below for a comprehensive guide.

Step 2: Setup Teams & Locations

Once you have added staff to your account, it's time to setup team/s and location/s. These are used for rostering and managing your staff.

Step 3: Creating Rosters

After setting up teams and locations, you're ready to start creating rosters. Rostering in Tanda has extensive functionality that help make rostering a breeze.

The Tanda time clock allows employee's to clock in and out of their shifts. Information from these clocked shifts is automatically uploaded to a timesheet. Click below for a guide on setting up a time clock.

Step 4: Setting up a Managed Award

One of Tanda's greatest assets are its managed award templates. With the use of a template, paying your staff couldn't be easier. Once activated, you simply need to configure your staff, and Tanda's award interpreter will assist in calculating how your staff should be paid.

Step 5: Editing and approving Timesheets

Once information has been uploaded to a timesheet, it's time to confirm the accuracy, and make any necessary adjustments.

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