Templates are a set of rules and allowances created and maintained by the Compliance team at Tanda. A list of templates available in your region can be found at https://my.tanda.co/award_templates

To enable one of Tanda’s managed templates, go to Compliance > Award Template > Apply Template: 

Under the heading Apply an Award you will see a list of Awards:

At the end of the row for the applicable Award, click the blue Enable button: 

If you can't see the Award you pay under listed or you pay from an EBA, Tanda can provide a quote to have this built in as custom for you. You call fill up this form so your request can reach our Compliance team. Otherwise, you can also build your own rules. Check out this article for more information. If you need to add more than one Award, at this stage you should click Enable next to that relevant Award and continue adding until you have all your Awards enabled on your account. You will see this listed under Active Awards at the top:

If you only had one Award to add you would see this green Add staff to Award button, in the top right corner: 

Otherwise in the Payroll Manager page, click the blue Add Staff button next to one of the awards in the Active Awards section:

Next, you will classify which staff are on which award and their Employment Type and Level. For further information on this have a read of the Classifying Staff on the Managed Award article. 

The final step is to integrate Tanda with your Payroll system. This needs to be done after you have completed your last payrun in your existing practice as Tanda may change the way this occurs. It will also need to be done before you're ready to export your first payrun from Tanda, or allowing a bit more time than normal when you complete your payrun. For more information on completing this integration, check out the Payroll Integration article. 

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