Allowances are applied automatically or can be applied manually on Timesheets based on rules set in the Managed Award Template or from Custom Allowances. You can ensure that you have configured Allowances correctly by checking out the Payroll Configuration: Allowances article. 

To check or apply Allowances on a Timesheet, you can do so on a Daily or Weekly/Fortnightly Timesheet by going to Timesheets in the header and selecting one of the options:

For Daily, ensure you're on the correct day and employee or in Weekly/Fortnightly click on the relevant employee to go into their Timesheet:

Automatic Allowances

You can check how an Automatic Allowance is applying, by checking below the individual shift on the Timesheet: 

Additionally, at the bottom of the Timesheet you will see this information in the Timesheet Export Summary:

You won't be able to edit or remove an automatic allowance. If it shouldn't be applying to an Employee, you may be able to remove it from their profile by going to Workforce > Staff > going into the relevant employee's profile > Payroll tab.

Manually add an Allowance

To add an Allowance, hover over the word Allowances and you'll see a blue + Add appear, click on this:

This will open the Allowance pop-up. Simply select the Allowance name from the drop-down, specify the units and click Save Allowances:

You will then see the Allowance and units entered below the shift and in the Timesheet Export Summary at the bottom of the Timesheet, if you are in Weekly/Fortnightly Timesheets.

If you need edit the units entered, just click on + Add and the pop-up window will display again where you can edit what's entered. You can also remove the Allowance in here as well, by clicking on Clear:

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