Enabling the Qualifications Feature

Qualifications in Tanda allow you to ensure your workforce is compliant with industry regulations and certifications. Many industries have specific certifications that must be held in order for staff to carry out their duties. Tanda will help to ensure these are present and up to date for work in any Team that requires a certification. Additionally, Qualifications allows you to make sure staff are not being scheduled over their regulatory requirements based on Visas or certifications.

To enable Qualifications in Tanda, go to Settings > Feature Management > look for Qualifications:

Enable Qualifications by turning on this feature:

Adding Qualifications

Once updated, click the blue Create and Manage Qualifications button to add your first qualification. You can also go to Workforce > Qualifications.

Click the green + New Qualification button to add your first Qualification:

Give your Qualification a name, this could be RSA, Blue Card, Visa or a License. You can also enter a warning for maximum hours per week. When you've finished click Create at the bottom to save:

If you have just created this qualification, you will see this qualification does not yet apply to any staff or teams. We can now add this Qualification to your staff.

Adding Qualifications held by Staff

If you have staff in the system that currently hold a qualification that you have created in Tanda, you can add this to their profile under Workforce > Staff > Staff Member’s Name and the Qualifications tab.

Select the relevant Qualification to add this to the employee and upload any relevant documentation.

Adding a Qualification Requirement to a Team

To add a requirement that all staff working in a team must hold a relevant Qualification, you can add this under Workforce > Teams > select the relevant team. Under Advanced Settings, add the required qualifications to the team by clicking in the Required Qualifications box and selecting the relevant qualifications.

Tanda will warn you that you need to add the relevant Qualification to everyone in that Team's profile in order to save

You'll either need to remove the employee from the Team to save the Qualification to the team, or wait until every employee in the Team has the Qualification on their profile and then add it to the Team.

Qualifications on your Roster

If you Roster a staff member in team they do not hold an up-to-date Qualification, Tanda will provide a warning and the expiry date for their Qualification.

If you Roster an employee over their maximum number of hours for the week, Tanda will provide a warning and inform you how many hours they are currently scheduled for.

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