In addition to the standard functionality Tanda offers, there are also extra functions you can add to your account, you can find it through the Feature Management section. 

To view and enable additional features, go to Settings > Feature Management:


1. Qualifications - By enabling Qualifications you can:

  • Create qualifications like RSAs, Blue Cards, Student Visas, and compliance certifications.
  • Set qualification license numbers and expiry dates on staff profiles.
  • Set a maximum hours of work (if necessary).
  • Get a warning when trying to publish the roster if they exceeded the maximum hours
  • Add staff to teams automatically that requires the same qualification
  • Download a report of employee's current qualifications

You can then click Create and manage qualifications to setup the specific qualifications relevant to your business. Further instructions on how to configure and assign to staff is in the Qualifications article. 

2. Shift Feedback -  Sends out a survey every week to your staff through the mobile app how your week went at work.

Learn more about shift feedback here.

3. Shift Replacements - Enabling this will allow your staff to swap their shifts if they can't report to work. This will be sent out to anyone within the team that's available to cover the shift. 

If you're a manager, check out this article to know more about this feature. For staff, click here.

4. Shift Ratings - Managers can now rate each shift from 1 to 5 stars. This can be viewed based on the average score of each team for the last 3 months.

Account Feature Management

If you enable this feature, this will give you the ability to send out your Rosters, staff passcodes, etc. Each staff will get free 10 SMS per month (160 characters per sms). 

Advanced Payroll Fields
Display additional fields on the profile tabs of employees, for more complex payroll setups

Custom Export Dates
Adds a date picker to the timesheet export to payroll page, so you can export timesheets over a custom date range. Use this feature for:

  • Monthly payroll,
  • Bi-monthly payroll,
  • Quarterly payroll,
  • Or any other dates you can think of!

Tick to enable Custom Export Dates:

Once that's done, you can try this out by going to Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly > Preview & Export > Click the calendar tab at the top right for 'Custom Export Date Range' to choose your specific dates:

Read this article to know more about this feature.

Tip Jars

Adds an extra page to payroll, allowing you to add your teams’ tips and distribute them among your staff.

  • Set up tip jars which distribute tips to the staff you select,
  • Staff will receive these tips in their payroll as an allowance,
  • Tips are distributed based off the hours a staff member worked within that team,
  • Ensure all timesheets and tip amounts are entered correctly before exporting to payroll.

Refer to our Tip Jars help article for more information on how to use the feature.

Assisting Teams

Enabling this will allow you to count the requirements of the team to a specific team. Go to Workforce > Teams > choose which team to assign it > Show advanced options > choose the other team you want to link:

Team Groups
This feature will allow you to group different teams. Helpful for rostering and reporting purposes. Go to Workforce > Teams > choose which team to assign it > Show advanced options >  set up your team group:

Shift Acceptance
Staff will have the option to decline or accept their shift if rosters were published via email. This feature will not apply to all shifts automatically. You can still choose which rosters you allow the staff to accept or decline.

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