With Tanda’s Notifications & Tasks, you can make tracking your staff's movements easier and automate reminders in your account.

Notifications and Tasks can be configured in by going to your Navigation bar > Notifications & Tasks (Admin access is required for this) :

There are 2 things this feature covers: Key Alerts and Tasks

Key Alerts

You can setup notifications for:

  • When Staff are late for work
  • When Staff forgot to clock out
  • When Staff don't take a rostered break
  • When Staff are on overtime risk
  • When Staff exceeded their maximum hours based on their qualification

This will be sent out through the employee app so make sure you have the app on your mobile. To learn more about our Key Alerts, check out this article.

Scheduled Tasks

Tasks in Tanda that can be scheduled are:

  • Automatically Deactivate Staff - Tanda will deactivate the staff for you based on the end date of their employment that was added in their profile
  • Copy Rosters to Next Week - The system base the roster that you currently have for next week and will be created at 9am every Sunday
  • Incomplete Timesheet Reminders (Weekly) - Sends email to staff if they have an incomplete entry from the previous week. Will be sent out every Monday at 7am.
  • Incomplete Timesheet Reminders (Daily) - Sends email to staff if their shift is incomplete from the previous day. Will be sent every day at 7am.

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