The Real Wage Cost Report is a handy tool to show your total for your pay period including Oncosts such as Superannuation, Workcover and Leave. You can also compare wage costs between Timesheets from different periods or between a Roster to check for variances.

You can find the Real Wage Cost Report under Reports > Cost Reports:

Before running the report, if you’re wanting to compare against a Roster, ensure you have approved Timesheets and created a Roster for the time period you want to compare.

Real Wage Cost Report

Comparing Timesheets and Rosters

You can chose to compare Timesheets from a different period or with Roster from the same period by clicking the Compare With: drop-down under the Report heading:

Filtering Your Results

You can filter your report by a variety of fields. To generate a cost by wage rate report for a particular team, click on the filter All Teams and select the team. There are a range of other filters to select based on Location, Award Tag and Permission levels:

Wage Cost Breakdown

Underneath the wage cost graph is a breakdown of costs by employment basis as well as superannuation, workcover and cost of leave and leave take to calculate the real wage cost.

Note: If you see No Cost Centre as one of your employment groups, it either means staff haven't been categorised on their profile to the Award or you have custom rules in your account and have a tag that doesn't fit into the categories:

A workaround for this could be to use the Costs by Employee or Costs by Shift Award Tag report instead, and turn on Oncosts in that report to see the same data. 

To select the time periods to compare click on the Last Pay Period calendar and the current time period calendar to select a custom time period.

Loading, Saving and Exporting Reports

Use the Email, Download and Print buttons to export the report:

Or if you've applied some filters and want to save this, you can click on Load/Save Reports and give the report a name so you can easily bring it back up next time:

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