Schedules may need to be changed on the go. Whether a staff member has called in sick, or things are busier than usual, you can easily update schedules and communicate changes to staff. 

Edit a Shift

To edit a shift:

  1. Select the shift you would like to edit. 
  2. Click on the field you would like to update. You can click on name to replace the employee, or click on the team to change where the employee will be working, or click on the time fields to change when the employee will be working.

The only time you would not be able to edit a shift is if the schedule has been locked by an Admin. In this case, the Admin would need to unlock the schedule before an edit can be made. Once unlocked, you can then edit shifts.

Delete Shift/s

If a shift is no longer required, you can delete that shift. 

To delete a shift:

  1. Select the shift you would like to edit.
  2. Click on the ⋮ icon on the card, followed by delete. OR click delete on your keyboard. 

If all shifts on a day need to be deleted:

  1. Select the date you would like to delete shifts on.
  2. Click Delete Shifts, under Actions on the schedule sidebar. 

To delete all shifts on a schedule:

  1. Select Tools on the schedule side bar.
  2. Click Delete visible shifts.
  3. Confirm 'Ok'.

Please note, deleting shifts cannot be undone. However, a record of the original as well as when it was deleted is available under the Edit History.

Edit History

Each update made to a schedules is recorded in the Edit History. To view the Edit History:

  1.  Select Tools on the schedule sidebar. 
  2. Then select the schedules date under Tools to see all tool options.
  3. Click Edit History. 

The edit history shows who made the update and what was changed. In the example below, we can see the Manager, Kaitlyn, changed Beth's shift from finishing at 5pm to finishing at 6pm.

Publish Changes to Schedule

If the schedule was published previous to the update, you will want to publish the schedule again. 

To publish shifts that have been updated:

  1. Select Review and Publish. 
  2. You can choose to 'only publish shifts with changes' or leave this option unticked to publish the full schedule.
  3. Click Select Teams & Publish to specify who will be notified of the update and how (e.g by email).
  4. Confirm Publish.

Updates to a schedule will not be automatically published, in order to avoid possible confusion caused while making changes. Changes to schedules will only be visible to employees when re-published. 

You can check whether a change has been published under Tools > Published Snapshots.

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