This page contains information on applying the JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice in Tanda, sending that notice to employees and storing the information in Tanda.

Applying the JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice

Navigate to Platform along the top bar, then under Platform Templates, select JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice.

You can edit the fields in the JobKeeper Form by going to edit next to for name of the form under Platform Objects.

Editing the JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice

When editing the form, you are able to change the name of the fields, who those fields and visible to and who those fields are editable by. You will notice in the form that some fields are for the employee to fill out or the admin to fill out.

Selecting Visible To or Editable By will allow you to change these variables. The Name of the field can be changed and the Type of the field. If you select Required, that means that the employee is unable to submit the form until all required fields are completed. If you wish to delete a field from the form, then select Remove.

Sending JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice to Employees

Once selected, the JobKeeper Employee Nomination notice will then show under the Workforce tab along the top. Selecting the JobKeeper Form will display all current records of that form.

Here is where answers from employees will be recorded, as an admin you are also able to go into those forms and edit them if you have the correct permissions. 

Select Request By Email to then send the form to an employee for them to complete.

This section, after you select an employee, will show all fields that the employee will be able to view and edit. This ties back into what fields you made editable by the employee.

Once Request JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice is selected, this will email out that employee. Note, an employee is only able to complete each form once.

Employee view of JobKeeper Nomination Notice

The employee will then receive an email from Tanda and link to take them to that form to then complete.

Note, the email will come from, and it will say in the text that the email was sent from whichever admin requested the form be completed.

The employee can then select Get Started.

From here the employee will be able to complete the form. Note, the employee does not need to log in to complete the form. Similar to employee onboarding, the form can be completed just by clicking the link!

Once completed this will automatically lodge that form in the JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice object.

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