This page contains information on setting up a special allowance to manage Jobkeeper top up payments, and linking that to your payroll system, and applying that allowance to timesheets.

Setting up Jobkeeper Allowance and linking to Payroll

First, ensure that the Jobkeeper pay item or pay category is set up in your payroll system.

Navigate to Compliance across the top of your screen, then in the Customise Your Set Up section, select Manage Allowances.

Click “New Allowance”

At step 1, write Jobkeeper allowance and if you like add an additional description (Optional). 

At step 2, link the allowance to your payroll system. If you have a live payroll software like Xero or MYOB you will be able to select from your payroll items in that system.

At step 3, mark the allowance as Manual.

At step 4, make the allowance applicable to all staff. 

At step 5, make the allowance payable at a Specific Cost of $1, and click “Create Allowance”.

Applying the allowance to timesheets

This looks at the process for manually applying the allowance. If you manage a large payroll and would like information on automating this process, refer to this guide

When you are reviewing a timesheet, hover over Allowances and click on “+ Add” when it appears.

If the employee has not worked at all, you can add a single shift for 0 minutes.

Select the Jobkeeper allowance, and add the units which need to apply:

As we made the allowance $1, you can either add the full 750 units, or make a partial top up if required.

When you export the timesheet this will link directly to your payroll. 

  • For Xero, ensure that your pay item has 'Type of Units' set to 'Hours'
  • For MYOB, ensure that 'Types of Wages' is set to 'Hours'
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