When you first imported your staff into Tanda, you most likely would have done so in bulk by importing from your Payroll & Accounting system. When you have a new employee and need to add them to Tanda, you have a couple of different ways to do this.

You can add new staff by going to Workforce > Staff: 

Click on the green + Add Staff button in the top right corner:

The New Employee pop-up will open and prompt you to either select Employee Onboarding, Add Manually or Import from....

Employee Onboarding (Australia Only)

Tanda's Employee Onboarding takes away the need for new staff to fill in paperwork as all the information you need to collect is filled in by the employee in the Onboarding App.

When you click the Employee Onboarding option for the first time, you'll see the setup modal appear.  

You'll then be able to send the invitation by entering their Full Name and Email. You can also add their Phone Number if you the App to go be sent to their Phone. You can send the invitation to more than one employee by clicking + Add Another Employee. When you're done, just click Send Invite:

A profile will then be created in Tanda for the employee, so you can start adding them to Teams and categorising them on the Award. 

Once the employee has completed the Onboarding App, you'll receive an Email to let you know and the Onboarding tab on their profile will be populated. Depending on your Payroll system, a profile will then be created in your system as well. 

For more detailed instruction on the setup modal, the information the App collects and then how it feeds through to your Payroll system, check out the Employee Onboarding article. 

Importing from Payroll & Accounting system or spreadsheet

Systems such as Xero and MYOB ARL which have a Live connection with Tanda, will automatically import new staff that you enter in that system, every hour. If you do want to push this update immediately, just click the Import from option and select your system. Any new employees will then be imported and have a profile created in Tanda.

For other systems, if you have a bulk number of new staff, it can be efficient to add them as you did the first time you imported staff, so check out the section on Integrations for how to do this through a report. If you just have one or two new staff, it may be quicker to just add them manually or through the Employee Onboarding. 

Adding Staff Manually

In the New Employee pop-up just click Add Manually. Fill in the employee's Name, Phone Number, Email, Teams, Permissions and their payroll details on the Payroll tab. When you're finished, just click Create New Employee at the bottom: 

You'll then see the profile for your new employee with some suggestions above for the next steps:

Welcome new staff

Once you've added your new employee, you'll want to send them information about Tanda including their Passcode and how to download the Employee App. 

If you used the Employee Onboarding App this would have automatically gone to them when you sent the App invitation, otherwise you can send out by clicking on the blue envelope next to their Passcode in their Profile:

Or in the Staff page by clicking on Tools > Invite Staff:

Select either Email or SMS at the top and then the relevant staff to send it to. You can also use this function if staff forget their Passcode and want another copy.

If you need further help with adding a new employee, check out the other Staff articles in the Workforce section.

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