At Workforce, our focus as a company has always been to provide the necessary tools to empower our users to make the right decisions, at the right time. And now, more than ever we want to make sure that our users are aware of the tools available to them.

Here are some ways Workforce can help:

Tanda Chat

Communicate with your staff wherever they are. Includes group announcements and one-on-one communication. All you need is the Workforce App.
Workforce Chat is currently in beta. Talk to our Support Team to turn it on for your account. Learn more. 

Vacant Shift Claiming

Broadcast vacant shifts to employees while building your rota or as you need them filled on the day. 'Vacant Shift Claiming' is currently in beta. Talk to our Support Team to turn it on for your account. 

Leave Management

You will likely see a significant uptick in Leave use. This includes Sick/ personal leave and discretionary leave types. Create Leave Types, Set up Balances and more. Learn more

GPS Clock-Ins

Some teams may have the capacity to work from home. Keep them clocking in on their Workforce App. GPS Clock-Ins can be activated for individual teams, or across the entire account. Learn more

Shift Questions

Ask staff how they are feeling (physically or otherwise). Set up reminders on specific precautions. Report on interactions with potentially- unwell customers. Learn more


Create and track qualifications for safety processes, such as COVID-19 test results and self-isolation expiry dates. Learn more

Total Hours

On New Rotas, you can use total hours to distribute reduced available hours fairly. Go to 'Staff View' to see a break down of hours by staff.

Custom Events

Communicate changes to the business, such as reduced opening hours. Events will also appear on the mobile app for stronger visibility. Learn more

Live Insights/Live Wage Tracker

Make early, cost-saving decisions based on reduced demand. Track live wage costs every 15 minutes. Connect to your POS provider and include live sales data. Learn more


These features are all available for you to use or activate as apart of your Workforce subscription. We hope that these help to empower your team during these uncertain times.

As always, you can reach our Support Team at or Live Chat (blue square on the bottom right of Workforce) for any help or queries you do have.

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