Set Regular Hours of Work

Before you can create a schedule based on regular hours, regular hours will need to be configured on the profile of each applicable employee. Instructions on how to set regular hours, please see this guide.

Schedule Regular Hours

To create a schedule based on regular hours:

  1. Select  Quick Build  from the schedule side bar.
  2. Expand Regular Hours.
  3. Click '+ Build shifts'. 

Shifts will then be created for employees with set regular hours, matching what has been configured on the employees profile.

When to build to regular hours

Ideally the build to regular hours function would be used at the beginning of creating a schedule. If applying after having built some shifts, regular hours will replace existing shifts for employees with regular hours, on the days they have set regular hours. Shift on days without regular hours will not be replaced. Employees without regular hours will not be affected by applying regular hours.

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