Makes sure you've got the right person, in the right place, at the right time with schedules (aka rosters, rotas). 

Create a shift

To create a shift:

  1. From the main navigation bar, head to Schedules (or Rosters, Rotas depending on the account's location).
  2. Select Current. This will direct to the current schedule but you can navigate to another date if desired.
  3. Click + Add Shift.

From here you can specify the shift details, including employee, location, team, and times. 

Edit a shift

When a shift card is selected, all shift details will be displayed on the schedule side bar. Shift details can be edited on the side bar or the shift card itself. 

Delete a shift

To delete a shift:

  • Select the shift followed by pressing back space or delete on the keyboard.
  • OR select the ⋮ icon on the shift followed by delete.

Create a schedule 

A schedule is essentially a collection of shifts. Shifts can be created one-by-one following the instructions above, or you copy copy shifts.

Copy individual shifts

To copy a shift:

  • Select the shift followed by Ctrl+C on your Keyboard. Click on where you'd like the shift to be pasted, followed by Ctrl+V.
  • OR hold the ctrl (windows) / option (mac) then drag and drop the shift.
  • OR select the ⋮ icon on the shift followed by duplicate. Then drag the newly created card to the desired date.

Copy a group of shifts

To copy a group of shifts:

  • Select Quick Build on the schedule side bar.
  • Click Copy Shifts.
  • Specify the day/s to copy from and the day/s to copy to.
  • Confirm Paste Shifts and Close.

Delete a schedule:

If for any reasons a schedules needs to be deleted, you can delete by:

  • Deleting the individual shifts as per Delete a Shift.
  • Click on the day to delete shifts for that day.
  • Selects Tools on the main schedule sidebar, followed by Delete Visible Shifts.

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