The metric of success for a schedule can vary across organisations and departments. Specify the keys statistics you'd like to see when creating a schedule.

Set Key Stats

To set the keys schedule stats:

  1. While on a schedule, click the second field on the sidebar. By default this is Total Cost.
  2. Under the Stats menu, click on each drop down to choose a relevant statistic. You can choose up to three statistics.

The key statistics you can choose from include:

  • Total Hours
  • Total Cost
  • Total Shifts
  • Avg Hourly Rate
  • Sales per labour hour (SPLH). 
  • Total Sales. 
  • Wage % of Revenue. 

Sales data must be configured  for SPLH, Total Sales, and Wage % of Revenue to calculate correctly.

Key stats will then be displayed on the main menu of your schedule to be cross reference while building the schedule. 

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