Like all busy workforces, it's not uncommon that an employee may need to work or cover a shift in a location that they were not rostered on for the day. If you do have employees that work across multiple teams and locations, we highly recommend assigning a 'Default Payroll Team' to each employee in their staff profile:

By setting this, Tanda's built in logic will be able to assign the appropriate team to employees timesheets and avoid manual adjustments at payroll time.

How does this logic work?

Let's use an example:

Employee Barney works in the following teams at the location 'Kingsland Road':

  • Front of House
  • Back of House
  • Bar

With the 'Front of House' team being his 'Default Payroll Team':

So what happens if Barney is asked to work at a different team or location for the day?

There are 3 instances which may occur :

  1. If Barney clocks in at the same location as his default team, but into a team he was not rostered onto that day then the timesheet will tag the team as his default team.
  2. If Barney clocks in at a location that is different to his default team, then the timesheet will tag the location as 'Uncategorised'
  3. If Barney clocks onto a Time Clock has no location chosen, then it the timesheet will tag his default team.

(Tip: assign locations to each Timeclocks to avoid this).

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