This guide will help you set up your live integration with Run powered by ADP®. To give a high level summary of what this will enable:

  • Automatic sync of your staff from ADP to your Tanda account every hour.
  • One click export of your timesheets directly into your ADP account.
  • Ability to open the Tanda application directly from your ADP account.
  • Automatic syncing of department numbers (configuration required).
  • Automatic syncing of earning codes (configuration required).
  • Single sign on using your ADP account.

Linking your Tanda account to ADP

To link your Tanda account to ADP you will need to go to the editions page for Tanda in the ADP Marketplace and select "Connect Existing Tanda Account".

You will then be asked if you have an existing Tanda account. Click the check box and enter in your Tanda organization email.

If you are not sure what your Tanda organization email is, it should be the email which receives invoices from Tanda.

Once you have linked the two accounts there is one more crucial step before Tanda will have the ability to interact with your ADP account. You will need to sign into your Tanda account using ADP single sign on. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Go to your apps in the ADP app store.
  • Sign into Tanda by clicking on it.

By doing this you will now be greeted with two ADP consent screens – you will only see these screens the first time you use single sign on

  • The first consent screen is to enable single sign on for your Tanda account.
  • The second consent screen is to enable data connectivity for your Tanda account.

To enable your integration you will need to accept both consent screens.

Once you have completed these steps, you have now linked your accounts. Congratulations 🎉. At this point your Tanda account will start syncing your ADP staff, department numbers and earning codes.

If you are new to Tanda, take a look here for more useful guides on getting started.

Configuring Timesheet Exports (Recommended)

At this point your account is capable of pushing timesheet data to ADP, however, for your timesheet data to be correctly categorized in ADP you will need to assign your ADP earning codes to their corresponding earning rules in Tanda.

If you are not familiar with your earning codes in ADP, you can view a report by visiting reports > misc > earning codes in your account.

To assign an earning code to a corresponding earning rule in your Tanda account, from your dashboard, go to compliance > custom earning rules and click manage. Then,  click on a rule to open its configuration.

Once you have an earning rule open, Locate section 4 and click to expand. You can now change the export name of the earning rule to match its corresponding ADP earning code. The dropdown should already be populated with the earning codes listed in your ADP account.

Once your earning rules are linked you should similarly link your allowances and time off types. To link these you will need to also set their export name to match their corresponding ADP earning code.

Exporting timesheets to ADP should now accurately export earning based on your configuration in ADP.

To learn more about timesheets, see approving timesheets and exporting timesheets.

Linking ADP Departments to Teams in Tanda (Optional)

If your ADP account does not contain staff with multiple base rates and you are not interested in creating department based reports in ADP, this step can be skipped. However, if you are looking to use those functions it is recommended you link your teams in Tanda to their corresponding department number in ADP.

If you are not familiar with your department numbers in ADP, you can view them by visiting company > departments in your account.

To assign a department number to a team in your Tanda account, from your dashboard, go to workforce > teams and click the pencil on a team you would like to link.

Once you are on the team configuration page, click show advanced options and select the department number from the payroll cost tracking dropdown. The dropdown should already be populated with the department numbers listed in your ADP account.

Exporting timesheets to ADP should now accurately allocate earnings to their corresponding department in ADP.

Questions and Answers

My timesheets fails to export to Run powered by ADP®?

  • Make sure that all your earning rules, allowances and time off types have export names.
  • If your account contained staff before enabling the integration they may not be linked to ADP correctly. See "Import from your Payroll & Accounting System" in Get Started: Add or Import Staff to re-link your staff.

Where does the data from Tanda go in ADP?

  • When you export timesheets out of Tanda, and into ADP you will need a feature in ADP called Timesheet Import. You may need  to ask ADP to enable Time Sheet Import for your account if it's not already available. For reference this link leads to the documentation for the feature you will need. 

Does the integration cost anything for existing Tanda customers?

  • The ADP app store will charge a flat $5 a month fee for the integration.

I cannot see some of my earning codes or department numbers in Tanda?

  • If you only just added the code or number to ADP it may take up to 1 hour to appear in Tanda. If you are having trouble don't hesitate to reach out
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