This will be helpful for any business that employs student workers to ensure compliance with strict conditions. Student visa workers can work up to 40 hours in a fortnight. Most companies simplify this to 20 hours per week.

The combination of features and alerts work together to ensure that during term time visa worker hours get close to 20 hours per week, but not over:

  1. Managers alerted if employee at risk of exceeding their maximum hours
  2. Prevent roster publishing if above maximum hours or visa expired
  3. Set restrictions to apply only during term times
  4. Allow employees to update their qualifications, with manager approval and audit trail
  5. Set which permission levels receives notifications for qualification updates and upcoming expiry dates
  6. Set which permission levels can edit and approve all qualifications
  7. Report on student visas

Set up student visa Qualification

You can seamlessly manage student visas in Tanda through Qualifications. Setting this up is just the same as how you configure qualifications.

Use the above qualification guide to enable the qualifications feature. Then, create a new qualification called 'Student Visa' and set the maximum hours to 20. Tick 'Prohibit roster publishing' (optional). Lastly, apply the qualification to your student visa employees on their profiles by ticking 'Current'.

1. Key Alert for maximum hours

If you want to be notified if your staff is at overtime risk, you can enable the Key Alerts through your settings. Click the cog wheel icon at the top right corner > Notifications and tasks > Qualification maximum hours risk > select the people who should receive the alerts:

Make sure you have downloaded our mobile app so you will receive the alerts.

2. Prevent publishing roster if hours exceeded

To do this, go to Workforce > Qualifications > click the ‘pencil icon’ to edit the qualification > tick the box that says ‘Prohibit roster publishing’: 

You will always see a roster warning if you’ve rostered them for more than 20 hours or if the qualification is expired, but enabling this options means you won't be able to publish the roster if this warning is showing:

If you are using Employee Self Service, unapproved changes to the qualification will also prohibit roster publishing.

3. Set Term Dates 

The maximum 20 hours per week rule only applies to student visa workers during term time. Use 'Effective Dates' on the employee's profile to restrict:

  • Maximum hours roster validation
  • Maximum hours key alert
  • Maximum hours prohibiting roster publishing

Outside of these effective dates, employees can work their additional hours without warnings or restrictions from Tanda. 

Tanda will automatically apply the rules for the full week of term. For example, if the term starts on a Tuesday the rules will begin applying on the Monday.

4. Employee self-service

Easily manage visa expiry and term dates by allowing staff to update their own qualifications. All updates require manager approval.
To turn this on, click the cog wheel icon at the  top right corner > Settings > Permissions > Employee Permissions > enable ‘Employees can update qualifications’ > Update settings:

Employees will need access to our desktop platform (my.tanda), which you can give them on their staff profile by going to Employee's profile > Personal tab > permission levels > and ticking 'Enable Tanda desktop login'.

5. Set who gets qualification notifications 

By default, Team Managers will be notified of all qualification expiries and employee updates. You can choose who should receive the alerts. Go to Settings > Permissions > Receive qualification expiry dates and alert > choose the permission level > Update Settings:

This will also send notifications through email if the qualification of the staff is about to expire in a month. Read this article to know more.

6. Set which permission level can edit and approve qualifications

Soon you will be able to change your own permission levels for qualifications. For example you can allow Team Managers to view qualifications, but General Managers to edit and approve changes.
In the mean time, please contact us through the blue chat bubble or through and we can do this for you. 

7. Report on qualifications 

To download a report of employee's current qualifications, head to Workforce > Staff > Tools > Export > Employee data (CSV)

The file will contain a list of all qualifications that are 'Current', along with their expiry dates and future Effective Dates. 

To make it easier to read, you can use Excel's 'Text to columns' functionality to split the data up. Select a comma as the first delimiter and semi-colon as the second delimiter. Search 'How to split text to columns in Excel' to find a tutorial. 

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