With this feature, you can now hide your Managers' salaries from other Managers. This feature is also optional so you can enable it anytime.

You can access this through your accounts settings (admin account). Go to Settings (cog wheel icon) > Settings > Permissions tab > tick the box for 'Allow team Managers to see staff cost' > a new option will show up for 'Protecting manager wages' > Update Settings:

Once this is enabled, all managers won't be able to see the rates of other Managers in their teams. This also protects the rates of any General Managers and Admins that are part of a Manager’s teams.

For General Managers that also manage teams, Admins’ and other General Managers’ rates will be protected. However, team manager’s rates will still be visible.

In the examples below, you'll see how it works through a Team Manager's perspective.

Staff list

Adam works for the 'Devs' team but manages a different team. While Team Manager B co-manages the team with Team Manager A. Regardless if you manage or work for that team, as long as you are marked as a Team Manager, they won't be able to see your rate.

Staff Profile

Before, team managers can view other team managers' payroll tab. With the new feature, the payroll tab in their profile will no longer be available. Team Managers won't be able to view the Payroll and Additional tab.


When creating rosters in the classic view, you will see the hide icon in the drop-down menu in the staff list for the team managers.

For Rosters Overview, it will not show the hide icon in the drop-down - only the status (if they're available to work) and the current rostered hours. If you check on the left side, no amount will be displayed for the other manager's shift.

For the rosters cost page, the page will only show you the figures for the employees. However, the hours for the other managers will still be visible.

Classic Rosters View:

For Rosters Overview, it will show you $0 for Team Managers that manages the same team and for the other Managers that's only part of the team. In the example below, using the filter 'By Employee' will give you an exact figure for reporting. 


Same with the rosters, you will see the hide icon in the weekly/fortnightly view.

For viewing individual fortnightly/weekly timesheet, you can see the rostered hours, the actual hours worked and variance except for the rates. 


Running a wage cost report will hide the rates of all team managers and general managers. It will just show you the total figure for the rostered and worked hours.

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