This article will show you what the onboarding invite looks like. To know more about the feature itself, we do have an in-depth article that is helpful for Managers and admins. Have a read here.

This is what it looks like when staff received the invite through their email. (Note: If they say the haven't received anything, tell them to check their spam inbox since it as a system-generated message).

Click 'Get Started'. From there, they need to confirm their details: Full name and address - before answering some questions.  

After that, they will see 7 questions (if they customised the onboarding by adding forms and questions through Settings) that they need to answer before proceeding. Once a question has been answered, it will direct back to the list and show a 'green check' sign that signifies that its done and they can move on to the next question.

Once is everything is all good, you can submit all questions so your Manager/Admin can push all the information to your payroll system. 

This will save them time by having staff fill up their basic information by themselves and have it pushed to your payroll system so your Manager don't have to add another profile manually.

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