Viewing all details within a shift is now easier.  Clicking a specific shift will show everything you need to know on the left side of your screen. 

There are different ways to update a shift using the new roster overview:

  • Change the staff and find someone available (if needed)
  • Change the start and end time
  • You can add a shift (if they are working two shifts in one day or a split-shift)
  • See the break down of cost and hours 
  • Add/Edit/Remove breaks
  • An option copy that shift to a different day
  • Duplicate the shift instead of doing it manually. 
  • Delete the shift if there's any changes that day.

Shift Warnings

You might also see a red warning sign with a number on the corner of the shift. The number will tell you how many errors that shift contains. Hover your mouse to view the warning messages so you can fix them before publishing/printing the rosters.

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