Note: This feature is not yet available to all customers. If you wish to have this activated to your account, you may shoot our Support team ( a message so they can enable it from their end.

Go to Rosters >  Current Roster:

You will see that there are 2 types of Current Roster. The 'Classic Roster' will show you the old view wherein you can only create, view and edit the rosters per week. With the new Roster Overview, you can now do the rosters in a fortnightly basis or even a month:

With this, you can choose up to 5 different views of the roster or even choose the dates you wanna create and see:

More details for each shift

Clicking each shift will show you all the details: Staff's name and photo, Start and end time, Team, breaks, expected wage cost for that day, and an option to add another shift. To know more, check out this article.

Sidebar Filters and Options

All filters and options can be found on the left side of your screen so its more organized. Compared to the old version of the rosters view, filters are placed on the side and different options are scattered at the top of the shifts. We have grouped all  those for easier navigation. We do have an article that is more in-depth in discussing each functions here.

Reports in rosters

Running a report via rosters is now more obvious than the previous version. Click the 'Reporting' view on the right side of your screen:

We added more filters so you can view the needed data easier and the figures would be more accurate and specific.

Publishing Shifts

With this, you will see how many changes was made in the roster when you hover your mouse. A pop-up window will show you what are the shifts that will be published. You also have the option to just publish the changes instead of the whole thing:

Once you've decided, it will take you to the page wherein you have to choose which platform to publish it and who should receive it. You can still add a message if there's any important announcements for that week.

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