Xero ia a cloud-based accounting software platform, which among other things, offers payroll services which can be integrated with your Tanda account. 

Xero Requirements

In order to integrate Tanda with Xero you will need to have an existing Xero account.

Check the following in Xero first to ensure your account is setup correctly:

1. Your user account must be a Payroll administrator. Go to Settings > General Settings > Users, choose your name, ensured the Payroll Admin box is ticked.

2. Your Xero organisation should be activated for Payroll

Connect your Xero account to Tanda

In order to integrate your Xero account with Tanda go to Settings > Integrations > Payroll Integrations:


Click on New payroll integration and select Xero UK:

 If you're already logged into Xero, you will be prompted to select the account you wish to integrate and authorise the integration. If you're currently not logged in, you will need to enter your Xero username and password. 

After logging in Xero and allowing the integration with Tanda, the following screen will show. 


Importing Staff in Tanda from Xero

When you first start using Tanda, you can do a bulk import of your staff from Xero. To do this, go to Workforce > Staff and click on Add Staff: 


In the pop-up window, at the bottom select Import from > Xero UK:

Click on the Xero organisation name to select the Integration.

Next, you'll see a bar loading to show your staff are being imported, depending on the amount of staff you have this can take a few minutes, so just stay in that screen.

Once the import has finished, you'll see a list of your staff that have been imported into Tanda. If there are any staff in the list that shouldn't have been imported to Tanda, just click Don't Import next to their name and they won't be brought through, otherwise if it's all correct just click Complete Staff Import at the bottom:

If any staff didn't import, check their details in Xero to ensure you have added them, they have a current start date and don't have a finish date. 

Your staff list will now show under Workforce > Staff. 


Going forward, when you have a new employee you have the following options:

• Add the employee to Xero and if you have enabled to automatically import new staff, in your Tanda Xero integration setup, Tanda will automatically import this employee within the hour.

• Add the employee to Xero and you can force this update to happen immediately by going to Workforce > Staff > Add Staff > Import from Xero. Only new staff will be imported and existing staff updated.

To start exporting your Timesheets from Tanda to Xero, click here. 

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