ICR Touch is a cloud based Point of Sale system which you can integrate with your Tanda account to feed in your POS data to track sales, create costed rosters.

ICR Touch Requirements

In order to integrate Tanda with ICR Touch you will need to have an existing ICR Touch account.

Connect your ICR Touch account to Tanda

In order to integrate your ICR Touch account with Tanda go to Settings > Integrations > Demand Data Integrations:

Click on the ICR Touch tab and then click the green Connect to ICR Touch button:

You will be prompted to authorise the integration by entering your ICR Touch Terminal Access Key. In order to acquire it contact your ICR Touch representative, to whom you should also request having the Tanda integration option enabled.

After saving these changes Tanda will show that the two systems are connected. ICR Touch will now start sending data into Tanda where it can be utilised on link to Live Insights, Weekly Planner, Rota Cost

Connecting your Datastreams

Within 24 hours of having your Tanda Account integrated with iKentoo o, a data stream will be created per location in your iKentoo account. You will want to make sure every Datastream is connected to the right location within Tanda. To do this go to: 

Settings > Integrations > Manage Datastreams > (any Datastream)

A window will open containing a drop-down menu, where you can select your organisation and the location the selected Datastream will be linked to: 

Save these changes and proceed to do the same with all Datastreams currently available. 

You can now compare within Tanda, your projected and generated revenue with the planned and actual attendance of your workforce and schedule your future rotas basing yourself on hard data and recorded experience.

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