Welcome to Tanda! Tanda will empower you with your employer to manage when you are working, record when you have worked, and ensure you are paid correctly and on time. 

There are three different touch points you may have with Tanda as an employee:

  • Mobile App
  • Time Clock
  • My.Tanda

Mobile App

The mobile app is the main place employees interact with Tanda. Using the mobile app, you can:

  • View past, current, and future schedules (if published).
  • View timesheets.
  • Receive notifications about your shifts.
  • Submit time off requests*.
  • Swap shifts*.
  • Apply for available shifts*.
  • Clock times remotely*.
  • Give feedback on your shifts*.

*The ability to use these features will depend on account settings set by your admin.

To use the mobile app:

  1. Download the mobile app. Click here for iOS devices or click here for Android devices.  
  2. Login to the mobile app. If you have previously used Tanda and have created a password, select 'I am an employee' > Sign in > and enter your credentials. If this is your first time interacting with Tanda, select 'I don't know my password' and enter the email address your employer has on file. As password reset email will then be sent to you to create your password and then login as per the above. 

Time Clock 

The time clock is one way your employer may track time and attendance in Tanda. If you have been informed to use the time clock app, a device with the time clock app will be setup for you to access and you will be sent a passcode (e.g 2508).

When you enter your unique passcode on the time clock, you will be able to:

  • Clock the start and end of your shift.
  • Clock the start and end of your break, if break tracking is enabled.

If you forget to clock a time, it is best to speak to your manager about the process to rectify this.


My.Tanda.co is the desktop version of Tanda. This touchpoint is typically used by admins, payroll officers, and managers rather than employees. As an employee, you need to be specifically setup to use My.Tanda by your manager.

If you have been granted access to My.Tanda, you will be able to:

  • View when you are requested to work as well as who is scheduled to work with you.
  • View your when you did work on your timesheets.
  • View your pending, approved, and declined time off requests.

The ability to add to timesheets or create time off requests will come down to permission levels set by your account admin. 


Why can't I login?
The first thing to do is to confirm with your manager what email address they have on file for you as you need to enter this address exactly as it is entered into Tanda. If trying to login to My.Tanda, confirm email address and that you have been enabled to use My.Tanda. Access to My.Tanda is setup in addition to the mobile app. Having access to Tanda on the mobile app does not guarantee you have access to My.Tanda.

Can I update my email address?
Yes. But for security purposes, you will need to ask your Manager to do this for you. The Tanda team will not be able to update the email address for you.

Why can't I see my upcoming shifts on the mobile app?
Only published shifts are visible on the app. If you cannot see upcoming shifts on the mobile app, please speak to your manager first to confirm the shifts for that period have been published. 

I created an account on My.Tanda. Why can't I see my information or shifts?
As an employee, you will want to be invited to an account rather than create your own. If you've accidentally created a business account rather than joining your employer's account, please let the Tanda team know via the live chat in the bottom right corner.

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