There are three main ways you can record time and attendance in Tanda:

  • Install the Time Clock app on a shared device.
  • Enable staff to GPS Clock in and out through the Tanda mobile app installed on their own devices.
  • Enter times on timesheets.

Time Clock

Using a time clock is ideal for a fixed location. With the Time Clock app setup on a shared device, each staff members enters their unique passcode to clock in and out. Photo verification as well as facial recognition can be used to ensure the right staff member is clocking and out. 

To setup a time clock:

  1. Download the Time Clock app from the App store for iOS devices or from the Play Store for Android devices
  2. Once downloaded, you will see two options; 'I'm new to Tanda' or 'My business uses Tanda'. Select My Business uses Tanda if you need to link the device to an existing account. 
  3. Enter a Setup Code. This code is found on your My.Tanda account under Settings > Time Clocks > New. Note: you can use your login details instead of a setup code, however, this will restrict the device to only be able to be used by staff you managed. 
  4. Select the Location the device is associated with. You can also give the device a description if there are multiple devices used by the one location as a way to different between devices.  
  5. Send employee their unique codes under Workforce > Staff > Tools > Invite Staff

From here, employees enter their code on the device and clock in and out.

GPS Clock-ins

Using GPS clock-ins is ideal for businesses with a mobile or remote workforce. Staff can use their mobile device to clock in and out. GPS clock-ins log the longitude and the latitude, showing Managers their exact Location at each clocked time.

To use GPS clock-ins:

  1. Admins will first need to enable this feature under Settings > Timesheets. This can be enabled for all employees or specific teams.
  2. Employees need to download the Tanda Mobile app (not to be confused with the time clock app). The mobile app can be downloaded from the App store for iOS devices or from the Play Store for Android devices.

From here, employees can clock in and out from the Overview tab > GPS Clock-in.


Clocked times via time clock or mobile app will send through to timesheets and displayed as C: 8:59, as an example. Clocked times cannot be deleted in order to have an accurate record of what was clocked. However, time paid can be determined on the timesheet. 

If entering times directly, these times would be entered directly into the start, finish, and break boxes on the timesheet.

Why can't I see the GPS clock-in option on my mobile app?
GPS clock-ins must be enabled by an Admin in the account settings before the GPS option appears on the mobile app. Please speak to your account Admin to ensure this setting has been enabled?

How can I tell if I've downloaded the correct app?
The time clock app has a black icon and can only be used for clocking in and out. The mobile app has a blue icon and can be used to view rosters, leave, timesheets as well as clocking in and out (if GPS clock is enabled).

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