Note: This guide is for the classic view. A new default view was released in September 2019, and a guide on how to use this view is available here.

There are different names given to a group of shifts, including roster, rota and schedule. For the purposes of this guide, it will be referred to as a schedule. 

A schedule is where you can outline when and where staff are expected work. Whereas a timesheet records what staff actually worked.

To create a schedule, head to Schedule > Current Schedule in the main navigation bar. Translation will vary depending on locale (i.e may Roster > Current Roster instead).

Navigating Schedules

Use the date picker at the top of the screen to navigate to when you would like to create a schedule for.

You can also use the sidebar on the left of your screen to choose how you'd like to view the schedule. An in-depth guide on how to use the sidebar is available here.

Creating a Shift

To create a shift, click on 'Type a name'. From here you can search for a name or scroll through the drop-down to select the desired staff member. If using Staff view, simply click the + icon next to the staff member's name.

Next, specify a team. If the employee is only setup in one team, this team will be automatically selected. If the employee can work in multiple teams, click the + icon to see applicable teams and choose to team for this shift. If the team chosen has 'shift details' configured, an additional + icon will appear for you to add shift details if required.

Then, enter a start and end time. By default, time preferences are set to 24 hour. If you would prefer to use 12 hour, you can configure this on your profile.

Depending on the time and duration of the shift, the employee may be entitled to a break according to the organisation's break settings. This is represented by a tea cup on the shift. Click this tea cup or 'add break' to add a specific time an employee is required to take a break.

With the name, team, and times in place, you have successfully created a shift! 

Pictured: Marge is working a 9-5pm shift at the Brisbane (BNE) location in the Bar (B) team, and we have used a shift detail to let her know we need her to clear glasses (G).

Create a Schedule

Once you know how to create a shift, you can go ahead a create your full schedule by creating each shift required. However, there are also some tools to help you save time creating a roster each week, including: 

  • If staff work a similar shift throughout the week, you can use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste a shift (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, or hold down Alt/Command and drag).
  • If the roster is the same next week or the same as the previous week, you can copy rosters between weeks and then make changes as required. To copy a roster, click Tools > Copy Between Weeks and specify the week you are copying from to the week you are copying to.
  • If you have a base roster you work off each week, you can save this as a template and apply the template each week and make adjustments from there.


Why can't I see costs on my schedule?
The ability to see costs comes down to permissions levels. You will need to speak to your Admin if you believe you should be able to see costs.

What are the red flags?
When you create a shift, a red flag may appear. This is a warning to indicate there is an issue with this shift. If you click on the warning, you will be able to see the details of the warning. These warnings are configured by Admins in Account Settings. A warning will not prevent you from having that shift, but rather highlight there appears to be a issue with that shift.

Can I schedule an overnight shift?
Yes, simply add an 'a' after the end time. For example, enter 23:00 - 06:00a for a 11pm to 6am shift.

How do I change what order the days on the roster show?
If your organisation would like to change your roster from Monday-Sunday to Wednesday-Thursday, as an example, please let the team know via Live Chat. 

To see more information on schedules, please see this  section of the Help Centre.

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