When you're ready to go ahead with Tanda, select 'View Pricing & Upgrade'.

Here you'll be able to see your subscription options and payment methods. Regarding payment methods, there are two options available: credit card or direct debit. Simply select your preferred payment method from the drop down, followed by your chosen subscription. 

Credit Card

For credit card payments, enter:

  • Name on Card
  • Card Number
  • Expiry (month and year)
  • CVV 

When all details have been entered, select 'Confirm Upgrade'. 

Direct Debit

For direct debits, enter:

  • Name. This is the name that will appear on the invoice. You can opt to enter an individual name or a company name.
  • Email. This is where billing alerts and invoices will be sent to.
  • Country
  • BSB
  • Account Number

When all details have been entered, select 'Set up Direct Debit Request'. 


Do Admins get charged?
Only users with the 'Employee' permission level on their Tanda profile will be included in the per user charge.

Is there a lock in contract?
There is no lock in contract; you can cancel anytime if required. If you selected an Annual subscription, this is a discounted advance payment for 12 months, and is not refundable as per terms and conditions (9.3).

When will I be billed?
The first billing date is the day after your trial account expires, so no matter when you enter billing details you will still have your full trial period.

Can I switch subscriptions (e.g switch from Monthly to Annually) later on?
Of course! Contact the team at accounts@tanda.co to discuss changing subscription options. 

Can I change my billings details later on?
Yes, billing details can be updated at https://my.tanda.co/account.

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