One scenario where an employee may be entitled to overtime is when they work hours outside of their rostered hours.

Using the example picture above, an employee who works beyond their rostered hours is entitled to Overtime at 1.5x for the first three hours and Overtime 2.0x after that. Two rules need to be created under Compliance > Rules to cater for this.

First three hours beyond Roster

Under Conditions, select 'After number of hours worked'. Specify here that the rule will kick in After ordinary hours have elapsed and Rostered hours.

3+ hours beyond Roster

For the second rule, under Conditions select 'After number of hours worked' again. This time, specify After overtime hours have been elapsed, Rostered hours, and enter how many overtime hours need to have passed. For the above example, we'd enter 3.

Then, on timesheets, hours worked will be compared to the roster. Hours outside the rostered hours will be paid according to the rules above. 

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