At Tanda we recommend setting up your time clock on either Android or iOS tablets and placing them on the wall in central locations in your business. This ensures staff have easy access to clock in and out for their shifts and reducing the risk of them forgetting to do so.

If you prefer to setup your time clock on a desktop computer to run in the browser you do have this option. However please be aware that the Tanda browser time clock is a legacy time clock that doesn't include the breaks feature.

To setup a desktop time clock first navigate to the new time clock page where you will grab your account setup code.

From the new time clock page you will see your setup code listed in a blue box. This is the code that links your browser time clock with your Tanda account. 

Now that you have your code you can setup your new browser time clock, to do this go to:

Click I have an account and follow the setup steps.

Enter the setup code from the new time clock page:

Select the location for your time clock:

Now you are ready to start clocking in directly in the browser.

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