Custom Objects can be set up to contain any piece of information. What is an object?

  1. Go to ⚙︎ > Custom Fields
  2. Click on New Object
  3. Follow the prompts to name your object, link to other objects, and create custom fields.

For example (above), a healthcare customer has created an Invoice Object to capture invoice details from clients. This data is hosted on Tanda, which then feeds into their payroll system.

Where you can find them

All your Custom Objects will be located under the Workforce tab.


Name: Create a name to identify your custom object

Primary Field: Set which field will appear when you link this object to another custom object (see 'link existing objects as fields')Link existing objects as fields: Data from other existing objects can be included in this custom object (e.g. a dropdown list of customers).
Name: Name the existing object as it will appear on this new object
Object: The object you are linking. Only the primary fields will appear.

Create additional fields: Add your custom fields
Name: Name your custom field
Type: Choose the type of data this field receives (e.g. text, date, yes/no)

Custom Objects is part of The Platform.

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