In most employee contracts, there will be overtime that applies after a certain amount of hours in day/pay period, followed by another level of overtime after Y hours of overtime. 

For example, "Hours worked in excess of the 38 hours per week are to be paid at time and a half for the first three hours and double time thereafter".

This means we need at least two rules:

  1. Overtime after 38 ordinary hours, paid at 1.5x.
  2. Overtime after 3hours of overtime (1.5x), paid at 2.0x.

Overtime (1.5x) after 38hours

To build the first overtime rule, ensure you have:

  • Selected 'Overtime' as your rule type.
  • Conditions are set to apply after ordinary hours have elapsed, based on hours worked in a pay period, and hours in the pay period is set to 38.

Overtime (2.0x) after 3 hours of overtime (1.5x)

To create the second rule:

  • Select 'Overtime' as your rule type.
  • Set conditions to apply after overtime hours have elapsed, based on hours worked in a pay period of 38 hours, and after 3 hours of overtime.

In this specific example, we looked at overtime (1.5) after 38 hours and overtime (2.0) after 3 hours of overtime. However, you can change the conditions to suit your specific arrangement.

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