Note: These features are only available for leave types which accrue in Tanda. External leave accruals (like MYOB and Xero) cannot currently use these features.

Tanda offers two different ways of preventing your employees from going into negative leave balances. You can find these settings by clicking Leave in the top navigation bar, then going to the Tools menu in the top right hand corner and selecting "View leave types".

Once there, choose the leave type you'd like to prevent negative balances for. In this example, we've selected Annual Leave.

You can activate the setting by checking the checkbox. Two options will appear underneath it:

Prevent leave requests being submitted

If you choose this option, employees submitting leave requests of this type will not be able to submit their request if the request would put them into a negative balance.

Allow leave to fall back on another leave type

If you choose this option, you'll need to select a default type to fall back on (eg. Unpaid Leave). Employees will still be able to submit leave requests which would put them into negative balances. However, when they do so, an actionable card will appear on the relevant timesheet. You or other managers will then be able to split the leave such that the negative balance will be turned into another leave request of the fallback type.

If the leave request will fall back on another leave type which has the fall back setting enabled, the fall backs will cascade. For example, if a 10hr Sick Leave leave request needs to fall back, and has a -5hr balance, and will fall back on Annual Leave, which has a 3hr balance and falls back to Unpaid Leave, the result will be: A 5hr Sick Leave request, 0hr Sick Leave balance. A 3hr Annual Leave request, 0hr Annual Leave balance. And a 2hr Unpaid Leave request, which does not accrue balance.

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