Qualifications are important when hiring staff or building your team so Managers will know if one is fit for the job. You can learn more about Qualifications here.

How this feature works:

  • Managers will now receive an email when an employee’s qualification(s) have expired.
  • Employees will now receive an email when their qualification(s) have expired.
  • Managers will now receive an email for each employee whose qualifications will expire in exactly one month.

Admins and Managers can access this by checking their task list that can be found in the dashboard:

Click the task and you'll see a list of staff whose qualifications have already expired:

Open the profile so you can see which qualification have expired and from there, you can update it.

Staff View

Employees will now receive an email containing all qualifications that are expiring in exactly one month for them. These emails are sent out at 8am according to the organisation’s Timezone:

So if the qualification expires today, the staff will be notified the next day at 8am via email:

For more information about qualifications, you can scroll through the list of articles here.

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