This feature requires your Time Clock to be on version 4.5.0 or newer and the latest version of the Mobile app.

When reviewing timesheets (or timecards for US customers), are you concerned with the amount of early clock-ins your staff seem to be doing? Or are staff consistently staying back into overtime without a known reason?

These are just some of the use cases for time clock questions. To start using it, go to Settings > Shift Questions and enter your first question:

  • Select which Tanda app should receive it - Time Clock or Mobile or Both
  • Configure when to be asked – Clock-out
  • Add a condition (only if)e.g. When late to clock in
  • Add a Lenience (minutes) - e.g. 10
  • Determine an action (ask a question or prevent a clock in).
  • Add the question phrase (if applicable) eg. Why have you clocked out late?
  • Add an action (then) e.g. Comment on a timesheet with answer
  • Add answer options for the staff members to select as an answer – My manager asked me to stay back.

You can also use this feature to tag a shift, calculating pay at an alternative rate, or applying an allowance. For example, a staff member clocking out can enter an amount for allowance purposes, such as kilometres travelled.

Finally, you can use shift questions to prevent early clock-ins. Simply add a question, then toggle the "prevent clock in".  This will prevent the user from being able to clock in.

When adding new questions, expect you device to take 10 minutes to sync the new questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the period of time before a clock-in/out is considered early/late?
10 minutes either side of when scheduled is the base set up, however you can now edit the time frame to your needs by adjusting the lenience.

Is there an option to include a free text field for the employee to type an answer?
Yes. Simply leave section 2. 'Add answer options' blank and ensure that 'Add a timesheet comment' is selected.

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