This feature is available in the Time Clock from version 4.3.36 upward.

Admins can Add Staff directly through the Time Clock and have the staff member clocking-in immediately. This is handy if you have a new staff member starting and you need to get them up and running ASAP.

Note: this will increase the staff count in your My Tanda account and will affect billing. 

To add staff to the Time Clock:

1. As an admin enter passcode into the Time Clock
2. Tap on the Settings drawer
3. Tap Add Staff

4. Enter staff details (or get the newbie to enter it in themselves)
5. Press Add Staff and record the passcode

The staff member can now enter the Time Clock with their allocated passcode. The account will be available in My Tanda where additional settings can be applied later on.

If you have any questions, contact 

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