Creating a group of teams is now possible with this feature. It's mostly used for reporting function which creates an additional filter on the reports page. This power-up allows you to run a report if you need to see the figures for a group of teams at the same time instead of doing it one by one. 

To enable this, go to Settings > Add-ons > Power-ups:

How to use this power-up: Let's say you want to run a report for one of your stores but only for two teams - Bar and Kitchen. You have to go first to one team and create the group. 

To do this, click 'Show Advanced Options' > scroll down at the bottom and enter a name for the group at the 'New Group' bar > Update team Details:

Once you've created the group, it should look like this through overview:

Since you've created the group, you can now go to the next team and just choose the Group you've created:

Once you've assigned the teams to the group, you can now run a report. As mentioned, it will be an added filter:

Reporting made easy if you want to see specific teams for a report. This power-up can also be used for rostering your staff.

 The power-up can also be used for grouping teams from different location. You just need to create the group twice for each team.

To know more about our other power-ups, read this article.

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