Rosters Overview allows you to see all shifts, leave, and unavailability for any time frame you want: week, fortnight, 4 week, or month.


You can see at a glance whether your staff have enough shifts or rostered days off across a wide time frame. Designed to load quickly, it allows you to switch between weeks/months without having to wait. 


  • Create, edit, and delete shifts
  • Drag and drop shifts around
  • Copy & Paste shifts with ctrl+c & ctrl+v (or hold down alt while you drag)
  • Filter to see only time off. Useful to see at a glance how many people are away.

How to find it on the rosters sidebar

Button location if sidebar is expanded.

Button location if sidebar is collapsed.

More features to come

This feature is currently in Beta and more functionality will be added over time as we understand more about how people use it. If you have any feedback, please send it to 

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