My Shifts

All team members can access information about their personal shifts in the app. 

Upcoming shifts will show on the Overview tab, while all other published shifts will show on the Work tab. Swipe left and right to see past and future shifts. 

Each shift will display:

  • The times they’re working (including any rostered breaks)

  • The team and location they’re working in (including shift details)

  • The estimated wages they’ll receive for working that shift (if this setting is turned on)

  • Team members have access to the full roster for all teams they are part of (estimated of co-workers are not included)

Read this article to know more about viewing your rosters through the app.

Team members can also link their roster (including roster updates) to external calendar programs such as Apple Calendar and Gmail. 

Access this functionality through the Me Tab, clicking on Link to your Calendar. 

 Time Off

Go to the 'Me' tab and choose between Unavailability or Leave. Use the + icon at the bottom right corner of the Me tab to add a new request. For requesting leave, team members should select the type of leave their applying for, their proposed dates and specific start and end times if required. 

For unavailability, team members set the dates and times they’re unavailable to work; including the option to be unavailable all day. Unavailability can also be set as a repeating event. Know more about our Unavailability feature and how it works here.

Pending, approved and declined time off requests will display in the Mobile App for team members.  A push notification will be sent when the leave request is actioned. 

Shift Replacement

If unable to work a shift, Team Members can use the app to alert Managers and help find an appropriate replacement. To do this. they simply open the shift that they can no longer work and click on the ‘I can’t work this shift’ button’.

Their Manager will then be notified. The shift will remain in the Team Member's roster until such point the Manager has actioned the request. If a replacement has been arranged by the Manager (only Managers can select a replacement), the shift will then transfer from the roster of the requester to the replacement team member. 


Team members can access their timesheets in the Mobile App. They will see information about their worked times (including breaks) and total worked hours for the pay period. 

*Timesheet information cannot be edited in the Mobile App at this point of time, but will be available soon.

Shift Reminders

Shift Reminders allow team members to activate push notifications to remind them of upcoming shifts. Team members can set multiple alerts which stack on top of each other i.e. 2hrs before the shift and then 30mins before the shift. 

To access, click on the Me Tab and then the cog icon in the top right of the screen. Select Shift Reminders and use the + icon to add new notifications   

Change of Details

If you need to change any of your contact details, just let your Manager know and they'll update your profile in Tanda.

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