Clocking in remotely from the Tanda App is possible in version 0.19.0 and above available from the app stores

Clocking in remotely will send Latitude and Longitude with all clock-ins and will appear on Timesheets within My Tanda.

This feature is still in its early days and we'll be shipping improvements constantly - we appreciate your patience as we iron out issues and add more features!

Enable GPS Clockins

You can enable the GPS Clockins feature by heading to Settings > Timesheets. There you'll have the option to enable for your entire organization or select specific teams. 

Once enabled, you will be able to clock in remotely using the mobile app.

Here's what it looks like:

Staff are already signed into their own accounts so the use of Passcodes (which you might be familiar with from the Time Clock) are not required.

How to Clock-in via Tanda App

To clock-in remotely:

1. Make sure your account has the setting enabled. Contact Tanda to enable it.

2. Sign into the Tanda Mobile App and tap on Overview 

3. Tap Remote Clockin and accept the permissions on the screen that follows.

4. Select the relevant option to clock-in. This will send the latitude and longitude along with the clock-in to My Tanda and will appear on Timesheets. This is what it'll look like:

You can view your current shift status at anytime in the app (even if you clocked in at a Time Clock).

If you run into any problems activating or clocking in through the Tanda App - contact us through the blue chat bubble or via

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