This article is to help Employees learn about how Shift Replacements works. For Managers, check out this article.

How do I put a shift up for replacement?

To put a shift up for replacement, open the Tanda Mobile App and tap the shift you can't work. Then tap the I can't work this shift button.

The app will then ask to add a reason for your request. Only your managers can see this reason.

After you've submitted this request, you will see that your shift is tagged with "Cover Pending". This means that your shift still belongs to you until your manager actions the shift swap. You can open the shift again and cancel the request at any time.

How can I offer to cover a shift?

In most cases, a shift won't show up straight after someone says they can't work. A manager needs to approve this swap by offering it out to staff.
Shifts that are available to cover will show in the Overview tab of the Tanda app. You will also see a green bubble showing the number of available shifts.
If there's a shift you can cover, tap the "Offer to Cover" button. Your manager will see that you've offered, and can choose to approve this shift.

If your offer is still waiting to be approved by your manager, it will have a green "Offer Pending" tag. After your manager accepts this offer, this shift will show in your roster as normal.
If you can no longer cover a shift, you can cancel your offer. Shifts you've offered to cover also show in your roster to help you plan your week. 


Can I cover a shift in a different team?
No, you can only cover shifts for teams you are a part of. To see what teams you're in, you can go to the My Details screen on the Me tab.

Can I offer a shift to a specific person? We want to trade shifts.
You can't offer a shift to a specific person. We'd recommend adding this detail to your reason so that your manager knows you'd like to trade. For example, "I've got an exam on this day, James said he'd cover this and I will be covering his Thursday shift"

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