Smart Templates is a way to apply a template and have every vacant shift filled automatically with cost-optimised staff who are available and qualified.

Use a smart template

Create Schedule Template with Vacant Shifts

When creating a schedule template, enter all details of the shift apart from the employee field. Assign the employee field as vacant. Only vacant shifts will be smart filled when applying the template. If you have shifts you don’t want to be altered just make sure those have staff assigned.

Apply Smart Template

Apply the template with vacant shift, using the classic schedule view found under Workforce in the main navigation bar (coming soon to schedule overview).  

This will open up the template modal. At the bottom you will see an option to Smart fill vacant shifts. Make sure this is ticked.

When a template is applied any vacant shifts will have staff assigned automatically using the Tanda’s Cognitive algorithm. 

The algorithm works like this:

  • Look at all the vacant shifts in the template across the week
  • Avoid adding users with clashing shifts/leave/unavailability
  • Avoid breaking roster validation rules
  • Assign a cost-effective team
  • Aim for fairness by spreading out shifts

It will take 10-20 seconds to run. Possibly more depending on how large the template is.

Once its finished it will pop you back to a full roster with shifts and staff assigned. Now you can check through the shifts and make any adjustments required before publishing it to staff.

You can also run smart templates on a team by team basis. To do this simply select the team from the sidebar before selecting the template to apply, like so:


Does it assign staff to shifts on a day by day basis (Mon-Sun) or does it look across the entire week?

The way the algorithm works is it looks for the best combinations across the entire week at once, rather than doing it day by day and making the choices for available staff on the last day the least favourable

If I have shifts in my template that already have staff assigned i.e. full timers, part timers but those staff are on leave when I apply the template will those shifts be swapped out?

At this stage no, only shifts that are left vacant will be filled - but we plan on making this part of a future version of smart templates.

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