Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, an employee will not be able to work a scheduled shift. Shift Replacements is designed to allow employees to easily swap shifts they are unable to work, while empowering managers with complete oversight and the ability to require approval for shift swaps. 

Enable Shift Replacements

To enable employees to request shift replacements:

  1. Navigate to Settings from the user menu.
  2. Select the Schedule tab (may be call Rosters or Rotas depending on the account's locale').
  3. Tick 'Enable Shift Replacements'.
  4. Optional: tick 'shift replacements require manager approval' if a replacement cannot be finalised without management's approval.

Manage Shift Replacements (mobile app)

To initiate a shift replacement request:

  1. The employee can select the scheduled shift they are unable to work, followed by 'I can't work this shift'. This will send a replacement request to available team members.
  2. OR a Manager can initiate a shift replacement by selecting the team member's shift, followed by 'Name is unable to work this shift'. Managers have the option to offer the shift to all available team members or specific team members. If a cover request is created less than three days before the shift starts, it is automatically sent to all available staff.

When a request for a replacement is made, the shift will be marked as 'cover pending' on the employees shift, and potential replacement will be notified of the shift under Available Shifts in Overview. 

How shift replacements are managed from here on will depend on whether or not the shift requires approval.

No Approval Required

If approval by a Manager is not required, the shift replacement will be offered to the first team member who offers to work the shift, and the schedule will be updated accordingly. 

Approval Required

If approval by a Manager is required, the Manager will need to further action the request. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Shift Replacements under the Overview tab. 
  2. Select the replacement request to be actioned.
  3. Choose whom you would live to cover the shift from staff who offered.
  4. Confirm 'Done'.

Once confirmed, the schedule will be updated for all employees. 


Can employees swap shifts outside their team?
Employees can only swap within teams they have been assigned to.

What is a good fit?
A good fit is someone who is:

  • available,
  • works in the same team,
  • and will cost the same (or less)

What happens if I offer a shift to a specific person?
For hand-picked employees, whoever accepts the shift first ‘wins’ the shift. The shift will be highlighted in purple for Employees to set it apart from other available shifts:

Why am I not receiving notifications?
To receive notifications you need to be a Team Manager in your employee settings, and be assigned to the relevant teams. Check that you haven’t turned notifications off for the Tanda App.

Will the feature be available on My Tanda (desktop)?
Yes, you can do this at

Can employees find their own replacement?
No, our feature has not been designed for employees to find their own replacement. This is deliberate to provide managers more control and oversight over costs.

Can employees trade shifts with each other?
No. Our cover request system is designed to minimise the amount of requests and roster changes. Shift ‘trades’ can be done manually by editing the roster.

What if I don’t want my staff to access this feature?
You can turn the feature off in General settings if you’d prefer to manually manage swaps between your staff.

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