Shifts without variances can be approved automatically to save managers time when checking and approving timesheets.

Turning Auto Approval on

For new customers, Auto-approved of shifts will be on by default, and existing customers will need to turn the feature on.

Anyone with Admin access can enable this by going to Settings > Timesheets tab:

How Auto Approval works

A shift will be auto approved when the start and end time match the clocked times i.e. where there is 0 variance. 

When viewing your timesheets any shift that has been automatically approved will have a blue button that says ‘Auto approved’ below the wage costs and rostered hours breakdown.

How to overwrite a shift thats been auto approved

If a timesheet has been auto-approved and you want to adjust it:

  1. Find the shift in the 'Approved' tab
  2. Click the blue 'Auto approved' button to send it back to pending
  3. You can now edit and manually approve the timesheet in the pending tab

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